Buy Your Next Winter Coat on the Internet

September 17th, 2013

With the winter approaching, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a good winter coat ready to be worn the moment the temperature drops. Even if you live in one of the warmer climates in the country, such as Arizona or Texas, these places can still experience their own cold fronts. Sure, they might not have blizzards throughout the winter months, but it can still get chilly in these parts. The point is that, wherever you live and whatever kind of winter you experience, you want to be comfortable. The last thing that you want is to be shivering cold and wet all winter long. Of course that means finding the proper coat. Fortunately, you can view more coats on the World Wide Web than you can from a full eight hours of department store shopping. Learning to find a good coat on the Internet is a skill that will come in handy each winter for the rest of your life.


Know What You’re Buying


Obviously, if you’re purchasing a coat off of the Internet, you won’t have an opportunity to try the coats on. That’s not a problem – it simply means that you need to be aware of your body type. Knowing how you generally fit into your clothes will help you determine which coats are right for you and which you might not like wearing. For example, a woman with an apple-shape might want to avoid puffy coats, but will look great in a coat with a “v”-shaped neck line that fits snugly around the bust. In addition to being aware of your body type, you should also take the rest of your wardrobe into consideration when choosing a coat. A dark color like black or navy blue will probably go with the majority of the pieces in your closet. Still, that’s not to say that something a little more brightly colored won’t suit you. You may even want a coat that stands out a little more, that is more outlandish than usual.


Utilize Your Resources


The Internet is such a powerful tool because you can see what people all over the world are thinking and doing. Believe it or not, that has some pretty potent application in the world of fashion. You can view more and more clothing pieces, from coats to pants to shirts, and easily find the right style, color, and shape for you. 

Carry Multiple Winter Fire Starting Products

August 14th, 2013

If you enjoy camping in the outdoors, you have a few more months of warm weather before the winter sets in and everything changes. Although there are many people who enjoy outdoor activities when it is cold, other people choose not to participate once temperatures drop. Whichever type you are, one of the things you will always want to have on hand when you are in the outdoors is a way to make fire. If you are interested in learning more about fire starting methods and products, read this short article and you will be more prepared for guided ski trips in Baton Rouge.

There are many different forms of making fire. Since the dawn of time, primitive man has made use of fire as a tool, weapon, and a form of comfort. Everyone who has spent any time peering into the flames of a campfire knows how calming and relaxing it can be, and every generation must have enjoyed this very same experience.

When it comes to outdoor survival, fire is one of the items that is higher on the list. Very few things have a higher priority, so you should make sure that you have several different ways to start a fire in your outdoor kit. There are many different products on the market today that can help you build a fire. One of the oldest and simplest is the match. Matches come in a variety of sizes and forms, and are an extremely simple and easy way of starting a fire in most cases. Paper booklet matches can be used as a lightweight option, and there are several waterproof versions on the market as well.

Experts suggest that you should carry multiple fire starting tools, and that you should spread them out in various levels of gear. In other words, you should have something on your person at all times, and carry another method in your backpack or other gear bag.

There are high-quality windproof lighters that are on the market today. Buying one of these is a good idea, as is buying some other low-tech forms of fire starting materials. Swedish fire steel is a survivalist’s dream. This product consists of a material that can be struck with a sharp steel edge, sending a shower of superheated sparks into tender. Fire steel can be used thousands of times, and is extremely reliable. It is harder to use than matches or lighters are, so you should plan to practice with it before you have to rely on it. You can also use magnifying glasses, although this method is only good during hours when the sunlight is strongest.

Some people choose to combine fire steel with a magnesium bar. The advantage of this is that the magnesium can be scraped into a pile of shavings and then lit easily with the fire steel. The magnesium then burns very hot, and can light anything combustible. This method is sometimes favored because it can start fire in wet tinder. Experts suggest that you bring along a road flare if you want to be able to start a fire in any condition. If you integrate several different types of fire starting materials into your kit, you will be more prepared for guided ski trips in Baton Rouge.