Three Products to Keep Your Electronics Safe and Dry

April 22nd, 2014

The world runs on electronics, and so does your life. You have a personal computer at home on the desk in your office. You have a laptop to take to and from work and to your son’s soccer games and your daughter’s swim meets. You also have a smartphone by your side so you can be available to answer phone calls, texts, and emails from the PTA, work, and the children. Since your world runs on electronics, it is important to keep them protected. Which is why you are looking into three different products to keep your laptop protected, working well, and in good shape. You are looking into a hard-shelled case, a protective skin, and a waterproof laptop sleeve. You have made a particularly large investment in your laptop, as well as all of the other electronic investments you have made. It is important to protect your investments and you will choose your protective case well.

Hard-Shelled Case

By choosing a hard-shelled case, you get a large protective benefit because of the hard case that your laptop is in. If you take your laptop to and from work or school and especially if you commute on a bus, train, or other type of public transportation, where jostling and bumping occurs on a regular basis, it is probably the best choice to get a hard-shelled case. The drawbacks to a hard-shelled case is the fact that it adds extra girth to the sometimes already large laptop. The hard cases also cost more money as well as the cases adding extra weight, making it heavier to carry. However, the heaviness and bulkiness may be offset by the extra protection offered by a hard-shelled case.

Protective Skin

A laptop skin is a protective skin that sticks to the outside of your laptop. They are extremely popular right now as they add personality as well as protection to your computer. You can stick the skin to your computer and pull it off without leaving residue, allowing you to change your skin as often as you would like. The covering protects against normal surface wear and tear. The drawback of the protective skin lies in the fact that it doesn’t protect more than the surface of the computer. It is not waterproof, bump proof, or protective against other rough treatment.

Laptop Sleeve

A waterproof laptop sleeve is a sleek, form-fitting protective case that you can choose to protect your laptop. A laptop sleeve provides protection without a bunch of added bulk. There are many types of sleeves available, including everything from heavier leather sleeves to lighter neoprene sleeves. The perks of a laptop sleeve include the extra protection given to your laptop as well as the little bonuses that usually go along with a sleeve such as pockets for your ear buds, keys, credit cards, and other such extras that you might need to carry around with your laptop. While a regular laptop sleeve will not protect against a drop or spill, a waterproof sleeve will at least protect against the spills that inevitably happen. Please consider the options and the uses of your laptop when you make your choice and you will choose wisely.

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